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Hark! Hail!

Hark! Hail! is a show about the systems of power, ego, apathy and the madness of hope. It is centred on a surreal and grotesque outsider who calls for the audience to take down the system, in order to reinstate the system. Borrowing from DIY live-art culture, Hark! Hail! is a raucous, stupid show.

Having finally tamed his ego, performer Charlie Hammond unleashes his greatness in a chaotic solo-performance attempt to stir the hearts and minds of the audience to destroy him and his art at all costs.

‘Highly original’

‘Wonderfully surreal’

‘Nice piece, imaginative, modern clown of now’

Audience Feedback


Photo credit: Alex Dodgson

Clonely is a collaboration with writer, theatre-maker and comedian Jazz Chatfield.

Armed with only tin-foil props, existential dread and their sweet-ish dance moves, Clonely creates a lo-fi opus that is ambitious in scope as it is low in budget. It is a space adventure drifting in the expanse between theatre and comedy.

Occasionally poignant, often dark but mainly silly, Clonely is a surreal and anarchic hour. The two clones power through dream sequences and choreographed dances, to the sound of nightmarish automated phone calls and a Julian Cope-heavy soundtrack. The duo poke fun at the avant garde, the science fiction genre and themselves all whilst engaging the audience in singing, balloons, and Oreos.

Das Schwimmer

A joyous celebration of the art of solo-synchronised swimming. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes chaotic. Charlie is currently working this into a longer ribbon-swirling, baton-twirling gymnastic extravaganza.

‘uplifting and extremely original’

About Manchester

Heartcase / Beaut

Designed for theatre and fringe spaces, but unable to settle on a name, Heartcase/Beaut was an idiot’s exploration of romance as told through pinterest-style love captions, adulterous shadow puppetry, and literally fishing for audience members. Featured the likes of Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye and Justin Bieber (in lyric form only).

It was first scratched at the West Yorkshire Playhouse Leeds in 2015 and subsequently turned into a full show for the Manchester Fringe Festival 2016.