Charlie Hammond


Photo Credit: Alex Dodgson

★★★★ The Scotsman

“Chatfield and Hammond are gifted physical comedians, conveying multitudes with a fixed grin and a flick of the eyes; the scene where they become familiar with their newly discovered bodies is an extended, dialogue-free delight.”

★★★★ Edinburgh Fest Magazine

“I defy anyone not to be completely taken with this show”

Clonely is a collaboration with writer, theatre-maker and comedian Jazz Chatfield.

Armed with only tin-foil props, existential dread and their sweet-ish dance moves, Clonely creates a lo-fi opus that is ambitious in scope as it is low in budget. It is a space adventure drifting in the expanse between theatre and comedy.

The loose narrative follows two unnamed clones who have awoken a spaceship full of others, the audience, in order to understand the dark mysteries of the spaceship in which they were bound for all eternity. They set about recreating the scene of their birth, recounting the long, dark history of the spaceship in which they are bound for eternity, and trying to impersonate the enigmatic and probably American billionaire entrepreneur Don Solus, from whom they all originated.

Occasionally poignant, often dark but mainly silly, Clonely is a mixture of theatre, sketch comedy and audience interaction that blends into a surreal and anarchic hour. The two clones power through dream sequences and choreographed dances, to the sound of nightmarish automated phone calls and a Julian Cope-heavy soundtrack. The duo poke fun at the avant garde, the science fiction genre and themselves all whilst engaging the audience in singing, balloons, and Oreos.