Charlie Hammond

Hark! Hail!

King Charlie
Photo Credit: Charlie Hammond

Hark! Hail! is a show about the systems of power, ego, apathy and the madness of hope. It is centred on a surreal and grotesque outsider who calls for the audience to take down the system, in order to reinstate the system. Borrowing from DIY live-art culture, Hark! Hail! is a raucous, stupid show.

Having finally tamed his ego, performer Charlie Hammond unleashes his greatness in a chaotic solo-performance attempt to stir the hearts and minds of the audience to destroy him and his art at all costs.

Currently the work has been scratched at the Viaduct in Stockport, and at The Lowry Theatre, and is being adapted for outdoor work.

‘Highly original’

‘Wonderfully surreal’

‘Nice piece, imaginative, modern clown of now’

Audience Feedback