Charlie Hammond

The Performer Is Cancelled

Continuing their attempts to subvert traditional theatre spaces with surreal art, The Performer is Cancelled was Charlie Hammond and Jazz Chatfield’s latest failed pitch to theatre commissioning schemes. Correctly forecasting the need for digital failsafes a full year ahead of time back in 2019, the show was intended to work without one or indeed all two of the performers present. In the event both performers were in fact able to make the show, these failsafe structures would forceably eject them from the show, allowing the audience to freely express and enjoy themselves uninhibited by Charlie and Jasmine’s ideas and control. To pitch the show we created Charliebot, a simulated video-recorded version of Charlie that could be manipulated to respond to questions allowing him to avoid the expensive train fare down to London.

The show was conceived before “cancel culture” became a meme. We are purely concerned with institutional and automated structures preventing work from occurring due to a logistical nature, and not with the outcries of the privileged concerned with having their voices limited.

If you’d like to commission Charlie and Jazz to create this show in a post-covid world, please get in touch here.